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maybe this is why we should NOT store the mentally ill in downtown Spokane

So yesterday the low-income mentally ill storage facility, (The Carlyle at 206 South Post Spokane, WA) a block from our office, had quite an interesting day.

One of the residents decided to walk across the street and rob the Washington Trust bank.  Then he decided to walk back across the street to his apartment and hang out for an hour or so until the cops came by looking for him.  I got to give this guy credit.  If your brain didn’t really have functionality, this is a pretty impressive stunt!!!

I’m no expert on what to do with the mentally ill.  They didn’t choose their path, it was chosen for them and those of us lucky enough to have motor skills should take care of them in a humane manner.  But it seems to me like we would want them to be in a happier place and farther away from danger than an urban downtown.

We walk by this place every day to work.  It looks horrible.  There’s always 10-30 of the residents hanging out outside.  (Even at 3 AM with barely any clothes on.)  You see them sitting in alleys, walking around aimlessly almost getting run over.  Yesterday i saw one of them start hanging out in the middle of Lincoln Street.  (A super busy 4 way arterial into the core of Spokane.)  It seems like we owe these people a better place to live.  If i had a relative there, i’d rather see them in a 1000 acre mentally ill storage facility outside of town.  Somewhere with a forest, grassy area, and all kinds of peacefull areas for them to hang out.  Not wandering around with bums, hoodlums, and fast moving cars.

The really silly thing to me is that our city owned this place, and recently sold it super cheap WITH the stipulation that it remained a mentally ill storage facility instead of a real home where mentally ill residents could peacefully reside.

I feel like our city leaders need to get away from the river, the park, and the mall; and come see what their downtown is like next to the interstate.  It’s a whole new place!!!  Come on down 4 blocks and have a conversation with a retard.  Maybe you can even help drag them out of the street so they don’t get run over, or pull them out of the alley so they don’t get robbed.  Better yet, have all city employees save a bunch of money on parking.  Have them all park by the interstate for 1/5th the price (Rent out the city spaces for some revenue,) and walk by these friendly fellows every day and see if you think downtown is a good, humane home for them.

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