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Connecticut Annual Report Filing Directions

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Every Connecticut business must file an annual report once a year with the Connecticut Secretary of State.  Domestic corporations a $150 filing fee; LLCs (foreigns and domestics) only pay a $20 filing fee. Foreign corporations must pay a $435 filing fee. Regardless of whether the company is foreign or domestic, however, the Connecticut annual report for LLCs and corporations is at the end of the company’s anniversary filing month. For example, you formed or registered your company on May 15, the annual report would be due every year by May 31.

Connecticut nonprofits must also file annual reports. The annual report filing fee for Connecticut nonprofits is $50.

You must complete the annual filing online on the Connecticut Secretary of State’s website. Or, if you don’t want to deal with the hassle you can hire us to complete the annual report on your company’s behalf.

Connecticut Annual Report Fee Schedule
Business Type Cost Due Date How to File
Corporations $150 All LLCs must file between Jan 1st & March 31st. All other entity types file their by the end of the company’s filing anniversary month (If you registered your company in January, the annual report will always be due by January 31). You must file the annual report online on the Connecticut Secretary of State’s website.
Foreign Corporations $435
Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) $20
Foreign LLCs $20
Nonprofits, Cooperatives, and Religious Corporations $50
Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs) $100
Partnerships (LPs, LLPs, etc.) $20
Late Fees: Connecticut does not have late fees, however, your company will be put in poor standing with the state until the annual report is filed.



All registered businesses file an annual report except Connecticut religious corporations or Connecticut Statutory Trusts.

To complete your Connecticut annual report, you have two filing options:

  1. Complete the Filing Yourself
    Connecticut offers you the option of creating a profile with secure login and password on the Secretary of State’s site (if you created your corporation or LLC on your own, you had to create one of these profiles already, so if you didn’t keep that info, do a password recovery). If you’re filing for more than one business this may be worth the time to setup login and password, however, if you are just filing one report a year, you are better off skipping over the account creation and saving yourself the hassle of picking a username, password a super secret security question, and giving them your email; then trying to remember it all a year later. Regardless, of whether you create a login profile, you’ll need to enter your personal contact information. After you’ve done so, enter your business name and choose from the search results. Find your exact business (there may be a few selections to choose from) and continue. From there you’ll simply need to confirm all business contact information, such as mailing address and principal address in Connecticut. Then submit payment and you’re done.
  2. Hire Us
    For $100 (plus state fees), we’ll file your annual report, you don’t have to worry about it, and you can stop reading this page now.


What is the cost to file the Connecticut annual report?

CT Domestic Stock Corporations (profit corporations): $150
CT Foreign Stock Corporations: $435
CT Domestic and Foreign LLCs: $20
CT Domestic and Foreign LPs: $20
CT Domestic and Foreign LLPs: $20
CT Domestic and Foreign Nonstock corporations (nonprofit): $50
CT Charity Annual Renewal: $50

When is the Connecticut Annual Report Due?

Domestic stock coporations and Connecticut non profit corporations have an initial report due 30 days after their date of registration. Then corporations file a report by the end of their anniversary month each year. So if you filed your corporation in Connecticut on January 15th, you would have an initial report due within 30 days, then you would have an annual report due by January 31th the next year and each year after that.

Foreign stock and nonstock corporations, and domestic and foreign LLCs, LLPs, and LPs just file annual reports. LPs and LLPs file during their anniversary month, but LLCs (both domestic and foreign) file between January 1st and March 31st. No matter when your Connecticut LLC was formed, you must file within this window.

Connecticut charities are required to register with the Attorney General’s office and renew annually. This renewal is due 5 months after fiscal year end, typically by May 31st.

Does Connecticut have Initial Report requirements?

Corporations in Connecticut, both profit and nonprofit, (Connecticut refers to them as stock and non-stock) file the Organization and First Report within 30 days after holding their first organization meeting. Profit corporations pay $150 and nonprofits pay $50 for the initial report fee.

Late fees?

There are no late fees for businesses; you are just in default (not in good standing) with the Connecticut Secretary of State until you do file the report. Charities have a $25 penalty for late renewals.

How do I get notified?

Connecticut Secretary of State mails a reminder to your Connecticut registered agent. Be certain you have a reliable and knowledgeable registered agent to assist in keeping your company in good standing.

Who can file Connecticut annual reports?

The annual reports can be filed online by anyone authorized. The charity renewal must be signed by two officers of the charity.


Office of the Secretary of the State
Commercial Recording Division
30 Trinity Street
PO Box 150470
Hartford, CT 06115-0470
Phone: (860) 509-6002
Email: crd@ct.gov

Public Charities
Department of Consumer Protection
165 Capitol Avenue
Hartford, CT 06106-1630
Phone: (860) 713-6100

Connecticut Annual Report Filing Service Includes:

  1. Instant annual compliance service for only $100 (plus state fees).
  2. Guaranteed professionally prepared and submitted Annual Report.
  3. Guaranteed not to miss your Annual Report deadline.
  4. No hassles, no worries, no hidden fees, no kidding.
  5. And, most importantly…We’re just not annoying™.
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