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Free First Board of Directors Meeting Minutes Template

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How to hold first board of directors meeting & document minutes

There are two ways you could look at the first directors meeting. You could basically cover everything in the first directors meeting minutes. Like electing officers, setting their salaries, resolving to open a bank account, ratifying bylaws and actions of the incorporators, issuing shares of corporate stock, and giving signing power to the Secretary to basically sign for everything the Corporation needs.

Or you could practically skip the whole thing and just address everything in the articles of incorporation, initial incorporator resolutions, bylaws, and a simple bill of sale showing what the shareholders gave to the corporation to fund it and how many shares they were given in return for their funding.

In the case of smaller corporations, the latter will almost always make due. Most every State has specific language in the Statutes that basically say if you forget all these formalities that the lack of formalities is not reason to pierce the corporate veil. Now if you have multiple shareholders you really should hammer down these details amongst yourselves and document your first directors meeting.

Please enjoy using the following free first directors meeting minutes template to document your first directors meeting.


Download First Directors Meeting Minutes Template

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