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Utah Law on Call

Utah Law on Call is a service from Northwest that provides instant legal advice over the phone to our Utah clients. No receptionists. No paralegals. You talk immediately to a real Utah attorney for just $9 a month.

Need a legal matter resolved as well? Our Utah Law on Call clients also get steeply discounted rates for full-blown legal work from our team of licensed Utah attorneys. This includes legal work in the areas of business, end of life planning, real estate, and much more.

Just add Law on Call to your new registered agent service!

Let us start your new corporation or LLC and add Law on Call!

If Northwest already serves as your Utah registered agent, just add Law on Call in your online account!

Create a free account with Northwest, then add Law on Call service from within the client portal.

What is Utah Law on Call?

Law on Call is the first nonlawyer-owned law firm in the United States, licensed to practice law in Utah by the Utah Supreme Court. Law on Call can do what traditional law firms can do, but we can do it the Northwest way—with an emphasis on easy access, speed, great customer service, and crazy-low prices.

Our Utah Law on Call service is possible because of the new Utah Legal Sandbox. The Utah Sandbox is an initiative in the State of Utah that seeks to open up the market for legal services to innovative companies like ours. It’s called a “sandbox” because it’s a place to “play” (i.e. experiment) under the close watch of the Utah Supreme Court’s Office of Legal Services Innovation.

So what’s our experiment at Law on Call? To be the go-to service for Utah businesses and Utah residents whenever they have legal questions they need answered—and to provide the fastest, cheapest Utah legal services you’ll find anywhere.

Plus, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee if we do legal work for you and you aren’t satisfied.

Is Utah Law on Call Like a Call Center Staffed by Lawyers?

Basically, yes (cool, isn’t it?). We hired our lawyers to take your calls, give legal advice, and do legal work if you need it—nothing else. That’s why our law firm is called Law on Call.

Don’t worry. Our team of Utah lawyers is well-compensated for their time and expertise. It’s just that they’re more like rock stars than they are like traditional lawyers. They bring their talent to the big show, but they don’t have to bother with the sound system, the smoke machine, crowd control—what have you.

Our lawyers basically just walk on the legal stage every day and don’t leave until the gathering crowd gets their money’s worth.

How Does Utah Law on Call Work?

We charge $9 a month for our Utah Law on Call service. This subscription fee grants you instant access to a licensed Utah lawyer. No scheduling. No paralegals answering and deflecting. A licensed lawyer will answer your call. If the lines are busy, you can wait on hold or leave a message to get a call back in queue. No B.S. Instant legal services. Instant help. Unlimited calls.

We staff our Law on Call operation like we do our customer service call center. The only difference is the people on the other end of the line are lawyers who can give you instant legal advice.

Getting Started with Utah Law on Call

To get started with Utah Law on Call, the process is simple:

  1. If you’re a new Utah client, hire us to be your Utah registered agent, or hire us to form your Utah LLC or Utah corporation.
    • If you’re an existing Utah client, simply add Law on Call service in your online account. (As far as this list goes, you can skip ahead to step 3.) If you don’t have or need business formation or registered agent service, create a free account with Northwest, then add Law on Call service in the client portal.
  2. On the sign-up form, add our Law on Call service for $9 a month. (Your first two months are free!)
  3. Once your order gets processed, call and talk to one of our licensed Utah lawyers who will provide legal advice. (That’s right, no receptionists and no paralegals!)
  4. Call back as often as you need to. Your $9 a month subscription fee includes UNLIMITED calls.
  5. If it’s determined that you need full-blown legal work done, not just advice, you can then hire our team of Utah lawyers to get it done for you fast, the right way, and at undreamed-of prices.

If you don’t like waiting, you can talk to a different Utah lawyer each time (just whoever is available when you call). Or, you can request a specific lawyer you’ve talked to before, get in the queue, and wait for a prompt callback when your preferred lawyer is free.

What If I Need Legal Work Done in Utah?

That’s pretty simple too. Here’s how it works:

  1. In your free client account, select the legal service categories and sub-categories that apply to your situation.
  2. You have the option to upload documents (such as a developing lease agreement) relevant to the legal work you need done.
  3. Our lawyers will take a look at your legal needs and determine a number of expected hours (the amount of work you’ll be billed for). That way, you’ll know your likely costs in advance.
  4. Then, select the years of experience you prefer for your Utah attorney:
    10+ years = $250/hour
    7-10 years = $200/hour
    3-7 years = $150/hour
    1-3 years = $99/hour
  5. Lastly, choose the amount of time you’d like to authorize your attorney to work (either no time limit or a cap on the number of hours they’ll work).

What Types of Legal Work Can Utah Law on Call Do?

At present, our firm can do legal work in Utah in the following legal service categories:

  1. Business (i.e. corporate and LLC development, employment, contracts, trademarks, and general business advice)
  2. End of life planning (i.e. wills, trusts, powers of attorney, and advanced directives)
  3. Rental housing (i.e. lease agreements and housing discrimination)
  4. Real estate (i.e. purchase and sale agreements, contracts, and real property issues)

If you aren’t sure how or if your legal needs fit into our categories, don’t fret. The legal world is complicated, and the idea of “legal categories” is no less complicated. Just give us a call and we’ll help you out.

Why Aren’t Traditional Law Firms Like Law on Call?

Because they can’t be or don’t want to be (probably a mix of both). Traditional law firms are lawyer-owned partnerships, which means the lawyers working there can’t just focus on practicing law. The traditional law firm partner is also involved in running the business, and every lawyer’s prestige at the law firm hinges on generating as many billable hours as they can. (And if you want to get a direct line to a lawyer right away—forget it.)

Things are just different at Law on Call. Our Utah lawyers don’t give give a hoot about “billable hours.” Their salaries are based on offering topnotch legal advice and doing stellar legal work. They get paid more based on their customers’ satisfaction—not based on how many billable hours they generate for the firm.

Plus, our Utah lawyers get to leave running our law firm to our officers, managers, accountants, marketing specialists, and so on. This frees up our lawyers up to do what they do best—giving sound legal advice and doing awesome legal work.

That’s doing business the right way.

Is Law on Call Really Owned by Nonlawyers?

Yes. Law on Call is owned by nonlawyers. Here’s some legalese that says more about what that means:

This law firm is owned by nonlawyers. Some of the people who own or manage this entity are not lawyers. This means that some services or protections, like attorney-client privilege, may be different from those you could get from a traditional law firm. While Law on Call is owned by nonlawyers, only lawyers and legal personnel at Law on Call will provide services and legal advice to you. If you have questions, please contact us at 801-889-1980.

Does Northwest Provide Other Utah Business Services?

Yes. Loads of them. We provide Utah registered agent service, and we can start your Utah LLC, your Utah corporation, or your Utah nonprofit (not to mention registering your out-of-state business as a foreign entity in Utah as well).

At Northwest, we do it all. Click “Start Here” at the top of this page to check out the full range of our services in Utah and every other state (including the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico).

Plus, all of our services include Privacy by Default®—which means we’ll handle your data as carefully as if it’s our own. And we’ll never sell your information to third-parties—EVER.


Utah Law on Call FAQs

When will Utah Law on Call be available?

Our Utah Law on Call service is available now to our new and existing Utah customers!

Who can sign up for Utah Law on Call service?

Our Utah Law on Call service is available to our Utah business clients. So, if you hire us to be your Utah registered agent, or hire us to form your Utah LLC or Utah corporation (which both include registered agent service in Utah), you can add on our Utah Law on Call service.

Likewise, if we already serve as your Utah registered agent, you can simply add Law on Call service in your online account.

Can I sign up if I’m in another state?

That depends. If you operate a business in Utah or need legal work done specifically in Utah, then yes. Otherwise, no. Our Utah Law on Call service is for our Utah clients, and our law firm is only licensed to practice law in Utah.

How much does Utah Law on Call cost?

The first two months are FREE, and then it’s $9 a month after that. This $9 a month subscription fee gets you instant access to legal advice from our Utah lawyers and unlimited calls. You can also hire our lawyers to do your legal work at one of the rates listed below.

What are your Utah lawyers' hourly rates?

Our Utah lawyers’ hourly rates for doing legal work depend on their years of experience, and you get to choose the level of experience you want. Here’s how their experience-based rates break down:

  • 1-3 years = $99/hr
  • 3-7 years = $150/hr
  • 7-10 years = $200/hr
  • 10+ years = $250/hr

These are stellar low rates by any measure.

What are the benefits of hiring Utah Law on Call?

Traditional law firms are typically expensive and hard to navigate. Law on Call is neither. Because we jettisoned our lawyers’ fixation on billable hours, and because our goal is to provide fast legal advice and excellent customer service, we set up our firm to promote those ends.

When you hire Law on Call, our lawyers’ sole focus will be on getting your questions answered and your legal work done as quickly and effectively as possible. Our lawyers don’t make more simply because you pay more, so they have no incentive to stretch out their work or hoodwink you into paying for a legal service you don’t need.

Why are Utah Law on Call services priced so low?

We can provide cheap legal services in Utah because Law on Call is powered by Northwest Registered Agent. At Northwest, we have more than 1 million active business clients. That means we have the diversified revenue streams necessary to support an innovative service like Law on Call.

Is it risky to work with a nonlawyer-owned law firm?

No. When you subscribe to our Utah Law on Call service, your calls will go to licensed Utah attorneys. Our Utah lawyers can address your legal questions no less skillfully (and typically much faster) than lawyers at a traditional law firm in Utah.

Will Law on Call be available in other states?

Not immediately—but likely eventually. We can roll out our Utah Law on Call service because the Utah Supreme Court has already authorized its regulatory sandbox—a two-year pilot program—that allows us to provide our innovative Law on Call service in Utah.

Arizona and Illinois have both advanced or approved initiatives that could lead to our ability to offer similar services in those states—and we intend to explore those states’ options too. And, if it looks to you like Utah’s regulatory sandbox could signal a trend for a host of other states down the road, we’re anticipating that trend too—and we’re betting on it.

What do lawyers think about Utah Law on Call?

Some are excited. Some are probably spooked. But we’re going to answer the call of innovation either way.

Considering signing up? Read Law on Call’s terms of service.

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