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Waiver Of Notice For First Shareholder Meeting

A waiver of notice is a commonly used document for a corporation’s first shareholder meeting. Before holding any corporate meeting, a few days (or even weeks) of notice needs to be given. However, when you’re first starting your corporation, most people just want to get the ball rolling. If shareholders want to hold their first meeting right away instead of waiting for notice, they can sign a waiver. We provide a free waiver of notice template for your corporation’s first shareholder meeting.


First Shareholder Meeting – Free Waiver Of Notice Template

Please enjoy our free waiver of notice template for the first shareholder meeting. This form—and all of our website’s content—is intended for individual use. For your first meeting, do you also need a template for meeting minutes? We also have a free form for that as well:

Why would I need a waiver of notice for the first shareholder meeting?

A waiver of notice documents that all shareholders are okay with having a meeting without being formally notified ahead of time. Say that your corporate meetings typically require 30 days notice to ensure shareholders have ample time to make arrangements. However, you just incorporated. You have your Articles of Incorporation, your bylaws and your initial resolutions. Everything’s ready to go—but you have to wait 30 days before you can meet? That would be silly, especially if everyone’s ready to move forward with the business. In cases like this, shareholders often choose to sign a waiver of notice, so they can get the show on the road.

What should a meeting waiver of notice include?

Our template for a first shareholder meeting waiver of notice includes the following essential information:

  • Your corporation’s name

  • Date, time and location of first meeting

  • Statement waiving notice

  • Statement consenting and agreeing to business transacted at the meeting

  • Statement that business transacted has the same force and effect as if there had been notice

  • Shareholder names and signatures

  • Dates of all signatures

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Does Northwest have any other corporate forms?

We do! We have templates for bylaws, Articles of Incorporation and more.

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