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How to Change Your LLC Address in Colorado

Q: I need help updating my address.

Thank you to a client from Colorado for that great question! If you need to change your LLC’s principal office address or mailing address in Colorado, you can do so pretty easily by filing a Statement of Change form with the Colorado Secretary of State (SOS). This must be done online and only costs $10. You’ll also need to inform the IRS that your business address has changed. We’ll explain everything you need to do when changing your Colorado LLC address.

1. File a Colorado Statement of Change

Colorado no longer accepts paper business filings, so you’ll need to submit your Colorado Statement of Change online. Here’s how you do it:

  • Find your business using the CO Secretary of State Business Records Search.
  • Confirm that you are authorized to make this change.
  • Select “Statement of Change Changing the Principal Office Address.”
  • Provide the new street address and mailing address (if different) for your business.
  • State whether you need to attach additional documents.
  • State whether you want this change to happen immediately or at another date up to 90 days in the future.
  • Provide an email address for notifications (optional).
  • Confirm your name and address.
  • Click “Submit.”
  • Attach additional documents if needed.
  • Pay the $10 filing fee.

Note: Your principal office address must be a physical address, not a PO box. However, the address doesn’t need to be in Colorado. You can use a PO box for your mailing address if you like. Your principal office address and mailing address go on the public record, meaning anyone can look them up online.

How can I keep my address off the public record?

If you don’t want to share your address publicly, you can hire a Colorado registered agent who will let you use their address as your principal office address and/or mailing address. That way, when people look up your business on the Secretary of State website, they’ll only see your registered agent’s address, not yours.

Can I change my business address using a Colorado LLC amendment?

No. You can only file a Colorado LLC Amendment to change your LLC name.

Can I change my address on my Colorado Periodic Report?

Yes. You can also update your principal address on your Colorado Periodic Report, which is due by the last day of your LLC’s anniversary month every year. However, the earliest you can file your Periodic Report is two months before the due date, so if you’re not within this time window, you should file a Statement of Change instead.

What about changing my registered agent address?

If you need to change your Colorado registered agent and/or registered office address, you’ll file a Statement of Change Changing the Registered Agent Information on the Secretary of State website. Just like with changing your principal office address, you’ll start by searching for your business through the SOS Business Records Search and then select the appropriate form. The filing fee is $10.

2. Inform the IRS of your address change

If your business has an EIN, you will need to inform the IRS when you change your business mailing address. There are a few different ways to do this. You can either:

Changing your address with the IRS is free.

Have more questions? Check out our complete guide to Colorado LLCs.

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