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How to Change the Name of Your Wyoming LLC


Q: How can I change the name of my LLC [in Wyoming]? Also, do you know of a good article or website that explains the rules for what names an LLC can use?

Thank you to a customer from Wyoming for that great question! You might want to change your LLC name if your original name was incorrect, you purchased the LLC from a previous owner, or you have decided to re-brand your business. In Wyoming, changing your LLC name requires you to file an amendment to your articles of organization. We’ll walk you through the steps.

Step 1: Choose a new LLC name

First, you’ll need to choose a new name for your Wyoming LLC. You should make sure the name follows state laws for naming LLCs. According to WY Stat. 17-29-108, your LLC name must:

  • include the words “limited liability company,” “limited company,” or an abbreviation thereof, such as “LLC” or “LC.”
  • be unique among business names in Wyoming.
  • not imply that the LLC is a type of business that it is not, such as a corporation or a nonprofit.

We recommend doing a Wyoming business entity search to make sure your preferred LLC name isn’t already in use.

Step 2: Pass a member resolution

Before you change your LLC name, you’ll need official approval from your LLC members. If you have an LLC operating agreement, it should include a procedure for passing a member resolution. The steps to pass a member resolution typically include:

  • Holding a member meeting
  • Drafting a resolution (to change the LLC name)
  • Voting
  • Adopting the resolution (with majority approval)

You should be sure to get your member resolution in writing and keep it with your records.

Step 3: File a Wyoming LLC Amendment to Articles of Organization

Once your members have approved your name change, you’ll need to file an Amendment to Articles of Organization, which costs $60.

Check out our guide on How to File a Wyoming LLC Amendment.

Step 4: Amend your Wyoming operating agreement

You will also need to amend your Wyoming operating agreement. Unlike the articles of organization, your operating agreement is an internal document, so you don’t need to file this amendment with the Secretary of State. Instead, you should follow your operating agreement’s policy for how it can be amended. All LLC members will need to sign the amendment, and you should keep the amendment with your records.

Step 5: Change your LLC name with the IRS

You will also need to inform the IRS of your LLC name change. The way you do this depends on the tax classification of your LLC:

  • LLC taxed as S-Corp—Change your name on IRS Form 1120-S.
  • LLC taxed as C-Corp—Change your name on IRS Form 1120.
  • Multi-member LLC—By default, multi-member LLCs are taxed as partnerships. Multi-member LLCs can change their LLC name on IRS Form 1065.
  • Single-member LLC—Single-member LLCs are taxed as disregarded entities by default. Single-member LLCs can’t change their name on a tax form. They instead need to send a letter to the IRS, signed by the LLC owner, and include a filed copy of the Amendment of Articles of Organization (which you’ll receive from the Secretary of State after your filing is approved).

Step 6: Change your LLC name with state and local agencies and on business documents

There are several other places where you’ll need to update your LLC name, including:

  • State and local agencies where you may have filed, such as to obtain a Wyoming Sales/Use Tax License or to file a DBA name
  • Your business bank account
  • Purchase orders and invoices
  • Business cards, website, social media, etc.

Check out Northwest’s guide on Changing Your LLC Name.

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