How to Incorporate in South Dakota

What will it cost to incorporate in South Dakota?

$150 South Dakota articles of incorporation filing fee.

What are the costs involved in forming a South Dakota LLC?

South Dakota LLC articles of organization will cost $150.

Am I required to file a name reservation before incorporating in South Dakota?

No. There is no requirement to file a name reservation. Try doing a free business name search to see if your name is currently being used before you start a business in South Dakota.

How long will it take to get my South Dakota Incorporation or South Dakota LLC processed?

It will take the South Dakota Secretary of State about 14-21 business days to process your South Dakota articles of incorporation.  You can pay an extra $50 fee and then SOS will usually process within 3-5 business days.

What am I going to be looking at for ongoing fees to South Dakota?

The South Dakota annual reports for SD corporations and SD LLCs are due on the last day of your anniversary month. So if you file on June 15th your annual report will be due by June 30th each year. The Corporation and LLC annual reports cost $50.

What are the South Dakota business taxes?

South Dakota does not have corporate income tax or personal income tax.

The average South Dakota Sales tax is 5.52%. The state has a 4% tax, but the average local tax is 1.52% making a total of 5.52%.

What does your South Dakota incorporation service include?

  • Drafting custom articles for a South Dakota LLC or South Dakota corporation.
  • The South Dakota incorporator initial resolution for a corporation, or South Dakota organizer if South Dakota LLC.
  • Ratified South Dakota corporate bylaws, or operating agreement if South Dakota LLC.
  • The state of South Dakota incorporation filing fees.
  • Resident agent service for South Dakota.
  • Our service fees are: $100 for South Dakota incorporation service and $125 for South Dakota registered agent.

All for a total of only $375 for a South Dakota LLC or $375 for a South Dakota corporation.