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How to Get a New York Architecture License

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Q: I want to establish a corporation for architectural design and construction management. In order to do those things, I think we need to register for an architectural license. Would you help to confirm?

Thank you to a client from New York for that great question! With new construction going up every minute, New York is an exciting and competitive place to be an architect. To get an architecture license in New York, you need a combined eight years of education and work experience in the field. You will also need to pass the Architect Registration Examination (ARE). We’ll explain the requirements and tell you how to apply for a New York Architecture License.

1. Meet Experience and Education Requirements for a New York Architecture License

In order to get an architect’s license in New York, you need to meet New York’s state requirements and pass the Architect Registration Examination, which is administered by the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB). According to NY Education Law, Article 147 § 7304, to get an architect license in New York, you must:

  • Have a bachelor’s degree or higher degree in architecture.
  • Have a combination of education and work experience totaling eight years.
  • Or have ten years of lawful experience practicing architecture outside of New York.
  • Pass the ARE.
  • Be at least 21 years old.
  • Be of good moral character.

You can read about New York’s Architecture license requirements in detail on the New York State Education Department website.

2. Complete the NY Architecture License Application

Once you’ve confirmed that you meet the prerequisites, you can apply for your license by submitting the Architecture Application, Form 1 online to the New York State Education Department (NYSED). Here’s the information you’ll need to provide on the application:

  • Name and contact information
  • Professional experience
  • NCARB Record Number, if you have one
  • Educational history
  • Professional licenses you currently have, if any
  • Information about any criminal charges against you

If you were educated outside the US or are only applying for a limited permit to work on a single project in New York, you won’t be able to submit Form 1. Consult the NYSED License Applications Forms page to find the form you need.

How much does the New York Architecture License Application cost?

The total fee is $377, which includes the $135 application fee and the $242 fee for your first three-year registration with the State Board for Architecture.

3. Take the Architectural Registration Examination

After the NYSED has reviewed your Architecture License Application, you will be contacted by the State Board for Architecture, stating whether you’re eligible to take the ARE. If you’re eligible, the company that administers the exam will mail you an information packet, explaining how to schedule your exam. The exam includes six divisions, and you must pass them all to receive your architecture license. You can find resources to prepare for the exam on the NCARB website.

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