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A resident agent is a business name or personal name written down on your corporate paperwork.  Whether you’re forming a new LLC or incorporating a new corporation, you will be required to maintain a resident agent.  If you do work outside of your home state, you will end up registering as a foreign entity doing business in that state and thus also be required to have a resident agent.

What do we do as your resident agent?

As your resident agent, we not only provide you immediate service in your online account by having forms and filing instructions immediately available for you, we provide a helpful ongoing backbone to your business compliance needs.  We provide annual report reminders and resources to help you maintain your company.

We also are the only national resident agent that locally scans all items into your online account, giving you the fastest delivery of important documents possible.

How do I hire you as my resident agent?

You simply can go to our signup form at the bottom or top of this page.  Its one page and you’ll have what you need from us immediately after you sign up.

Thank you for taking a look at our resident agent services.  We work day and night to provide you the best registered agent service you can find on the web.

Registered Agent
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