Why Choose Us?

There are lots of companies providing registered agent service. We have no hidden fees, no gimmicks, and no sales staff using teleprompters to answer the phone. You can speak to the owner of the company if you would like.

Immediate Service

When you sign up online, you get transferred immediately into your online account, where you’ll find all the forms you could file with the state. The forms have our registered agent information already on the PDFs. In addition to the forms, you’ll see all the state agency contact information, links to things like state tax rates, name searches, how to file your annual report, how to get a certificate of good standing, and many other links you may find helpful in running your business.

Below the state forms you will find filing instructions, like original versus copied signature requirements, whether you can file by fax or online, or if you have to mail the paperwork in, and information like filing times and tips for getting the filings approved with the state.

No Hidden Fees

You can find a registered agent for anywhere between $70-320 a year with hidden extra fees, hidden mailing fees that you can’t opt out of or have no way to budget for, cancellation fees, and all kinds of gimmicks and weird fees if you don’t follow certain guidelines.

We feel we charge a fair price at $125 a year. One might say that sometimes you get what you pay for. We recently had our out of date air conditioner/furnace replaced. We got 3 bids. One was super cheap, and wasn’t really going to pull the correct permits to do the job legitimately. The second one was a 40 year old, 30 truck, company that was pretty arrogant and just sent out one of 5 salesmen to plop some numbers together. They dragged a huge computer and color printer into our office, spent an hour bragging about how great of a company they were, and then gave us an estimate for 4 times the amount of the first bid. The third bid came from a smaller to medium-sized company, that had been established in the business for awhile, where the owner managed his people closely, and took the time to do the bid himself. His bid was right in the middle. We got a good, well-known, energy efficient product, and paid half of what we would have paid to the huge company with the second bid. He also helped us get the energy rebate forms filled out correctly. My point being, Northwest Registered Agent will always be the middle company, with a good product and a fair price.

We’re Just Not Annoying

If you are a small to medium-sized company, we are the registered agent service provider for you. Most of our new customers say they are thrilled to find us after they have called a couple other companies. In fact, the majority of our clients are so happy with our service that they consistently add states to their account. A lot of our clients find our online tools so helpful for managing their day to day company management that they switch their registered agent to us in all the states they need.

We specialize in quick seamless forwarding of important documents for our clients. With Northwest Registered Agent, you will only have one point of contact. Our corporate headquarters is in Spokane, Washington. We are a small office where you will deal directly with the same person every time you call in. No big phone systems with extensions, and you won’t be assigned a different representative or clerk in different parts of the country.

We are the only national registered agent that LOCALLY scans ALL items we receive into your online account. We feel we have the quickest registered agent service.

Please call 509-768-2249 to discuss your Registered Agent needs and request more info, or fill in our sign up now form to acquire immediate Registered Agent service.

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