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Register a Foreign Corporation in Nevada

To register a foreign corporation in Nevada, you must file a Nevada Qualification to do Business in Nevada with the Nevada Secretary of State, New Filings Division. You can submit this document by mail, by fax, in person, or email. The Qualification to do Business in Nevada for a foreign Nevada corporation costs $75 (minimum) to file. However, other initial requirements include a business license ($500) and an Initial List of Officers and Directors ($150). Below, you’ll find answers to frequently asked questions about how to file the Qualification to do Business in Nevada and register a foreign corporation in Nevada. Or, sign up for our Nevada Foreign Corporation service, and we’ll handle your filing instead!

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Free Guide to Registering a Foreign Corporation in Nevada

What does it cost to register a foreign corporation in Nevada?

Altogether, it costs at least $725 in combined fees to register a foreign for-profit corporation in Nevada.

The first part of these fees is the Qualification to Do Business form, which is a minimum of $75. Fees are based on the value of the total number of authorized shares stated in the Articles of Incorporation as prescribed by NRS 78.760:

$75,000 or less: $75
over $75,000 and not over $200,000: $175
over $200,000 and not over $500,000: $275
over $500,000 and not over $1,000,000: $375
over $1,000,000, for the first $1,000,000: $375
For each additional $500,000 – or fraction thereof: $275
Maximum fee: $35,000

For the purpose of computing the filing fee, the value (capital) represented by the total number of shares authorized in the Articles of Incorporation is determined by computing the:

  1. total authorized shares multiplied by their par value or;
  2. total authorized shares without par value multiplied by $1 or;
  3. the sum of (a) and (b) above if both par and no par shares.

Filing fees are calculated on a minimum par value of one-tenth of a cent (1), regardless if the stated par value is less:

Along with the minimum of $75 for your Qualification to Do Business, you’ll also submit an initial report called the Initial List of Officers and Directors. This has a $150 filing fee. You’ll also pay the fee for your business license, which is $500. This makes the total fee for most corporations $725.

How long does it take for the state to process the Nevada Certificate of Authority?

Online filings are processed quickly, in about one day. Standard mailed filings currently take about 30 business days to process. Expedited filings take around seven business days.

How will I get verification of qualification back from Nevada?

A stamped copy of your registration, a charter and the initial filing information will be returned to you by the type of return service specified on the Customer Order Instructions form.

What forms do I file with Nevada to qualify my out of State Corporation?

The Qualification to do Business in Nevada form, registered agent signature or form, Customer Order Instructions form, Expedited Service form (if applicable), Payment Checklist form (if using echeck or credit card for payment for a paper filing), and the filing fee are required.

What do I need from my home state?

Certificate of Existence and a certified copy of your Articles and any amendments is required.

Does it need to be an original copy?


How current does the certificate need to be?

Must be current within 90 days.

Will I need an Nevada registered agent for my corporation?

Yes, when you hire Northwest as your NV corporation. It’s the same price every year, and there are no weird fees or cancellation fees.

You’ll also see all the pre-populated forms and specific filing instructions on the thank you page, in your online account, and they are emailed to you immediately upon signing up for 1 year of registered agent service.

Does the Nevada registered agent need to sign the filing?


How can I file the Nevada Certificate of Authority?

Online, by mail, fax, email or in person. Fax filings are only accepted with payment of expedite fees.

What is the state agency that accepts the out of state registration?

Nevada Secretary of State
New Filings Division
204 North Carson Street, Suite 4
Carson City, NV 89701-4520
Phone: (775)684-5708
Fax: (775)684-7138
Email: newfilings@sos.nv.gov

Do the signatures on the Nevada corporation application need to be original?


Who has to sign the foreign corporation filing?

An officer of the corporation and the registered agent must sign the form.

Are there any weird things about registering in Nevada?

County publication and filing is necessary in the county in which your registered agent resides no later than the month of March in each year, or not later than the end of the 3rd month following the close of each fiscal year. You must publish a statement of your last calendar year’s business in 2 numbers or issues of a newspaper published in the State of Nevada that has a total weekly circulation of at least 1,000. The statement must include the name of the corporation, the name and title of the corporate officer submitting the statement, the mailing or street address of the corporation’s principal office, the mailing or street address of the corporation’s office in this State, if one exists, the total assets and liabilities of the corporation at the end of the year.

That’s the short version. We have a whole page dedicated to the subject of how to publish your annual statement in Nevada.

Northwest provides the cheapest journals to publish in, and the cheapest way to write the notice, plus we give it to you on templates after you sign up for service. If you hire Northwest to make the foreign qualification filing for you, we take care of the publication on your behalf.

Is there ongoing Nevada annual report and/or initial reporting requirements?

The Nevada annual lists are due 1 year from the time you file at the end of the month. The Nevada Secretary of State also requires that you file an initial list of officers within 30 days of your initial filing.

The Nevada Annual Business license tax, with the Nevada Department of Revenue, is due at the same time you file your annual list of officers.

What are your fees?

You’ll need to have an Nevada registered agent. We charge $125 a year to act as your registered agent in Nevada. It’s a flat rate, once a year fee, and includes more than other registered agents. Here’s a little more about our registered agent service.

We charge a $100 one-time filing service fee if you would like us to obtain the certificates needed from your home state, and register your company in any state you choose. We have offices in every state and can act as your registered agent and make your filings for you in any state. If you would like to register with multiple states at once, we can usually drop our filing service fee down.

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