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Register a Foreign Corporation in Puerto Rico

To register a foreign corporation in Puerto Rico, you must file a Puerto Rico Certificate of Authority with the Puerto Rico Department of State. You can submit this document online. The Certificate of Authority for a foreign Puerto Rico corporation costs $250 to file. Below, you’ll find answers to frequently asked questions about how to file the Certificate of Authority and register a foreign corporation in Puerto Rico. Or, sign up for our Puerto Rico Foreign Corporation service, and we’ll handle your filing instead!

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Download the Puerto Rico Certificate of Authority. Fill out the form and submit it to the state.

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Our free account and tools will walk you through registering your Foreign Corporation in Puerto Rico. All for free.

1 Day Puerto Rico Foreign Corporation

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Registering an existing US corporation in Puerto Rico is essentially no different than registering an existing corporation to do business in a US state.

The only noticeably difference is what happens when your Puerto Rico annual report comes due, as it is very intensive and will require the services of a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in Puerto Rico. (Foreign Puerto Rico LLCs do not have the same requirements.)

For that reason, as well as for simplicity and time’s sake, we recommend hiring us to register your corporation to do business in Puerto Rico.

Our Puerto Rico Foreign Corporation Registration Service includes:

  • Same Day Filing Service
  • Puerto Rico Registered Agent Service
  • Free Phone Consulation With a Trusted CPA in Puerto Rico
  • We Get Your Certificate of Goods Standing From Your Home State On Your Behalf
  • Secure, Online Client Portal for Document Tracking, Digital Notifications, Business Document Storage, Access To Puerto Rico Forms & Much More


However, if you already have a registered agent in Puerto Rico and are determined to complete the Puerto Rico Foreign Corporation yourself, this page answers all questions concerning the Puerton Rico corporation registration process, as well as many other frequently asked questions. Take a look:

What’s required to register a foreign corporation in Puerto Rico:

  • $250 filing fee
  • Certificate of Good Standing from your home state
  • Internet access (the best and easiest way to file in Puerto Rico is on the Department of State’s website)

How to register a foreign corporation in Puerto Rico:

Register your foreign corporation in Puerto Rico online at: https://prcorpfiling.f1hst.com/

Attach a certificate of existence (certificate of good standing) from your home state and provide the following information:

  1. Corporation name Perform a business name search to make sure your corporation’s name is available in Puerto Rico. If your corporation’s name isn’t available, you may select a different name to do business under in Puerto Rico.
  2. Business purpose
  3. Home state information
  4. Name of state, primary address, date of incorporation, duration of corporation, and company name in home state.
  5. Names and addresses of officers and directors
  6. Assets and liabilitiesThis may be a new one for some registering to do business. If you don’t know exact numbers, for your assets, you are allowed to multiply the number of authorized shares by the par value and use the sum as your assets. Current liabilities are classified as obligations the corporation must pay within one year, including accounts payable, salaries, wages, taxes and interest payable. Add those numbers to find your current liabilities.
  7. Year corporation will cease to exist in Puerto Rico (write perpetual, if no date exists)
  8. Date corporation started transacting business in Puerto Rico, if applicable
  9. Principal and mailing addresses
  10. Name and address of Puerto Rico resident agent
  11. Typed name and title of person filing the application

After completing the filing and paying the $250 filing fee to the Puerto Rico Department of State, your corporation will instantly be registered to do business in Puerto Rico.

Free Guide To Registering A Foreign Corporation in Puerto Rico

What does it cost to register a foreign corporation in Puerto Rico?


How long does it take for the state to process the Puerto Rico Certificate of Authority?

Once payment is accepted, your corporation will instantly be authorized to do business in Puerto Rico.

How will I get verification of qualification back from Puerto Rico?

Once you complete your filing, you will be given a receipt of payment and a certificate of authorization.

What do I need from my home state?

Certificate of Existence or a Certificate of Good Standing.

Does the certificate of good standing need to be an original copy?


How current does the certificate need to be?

No more than 6 months old.

Will I need a Puerto Rico registered agent for my corporation?

Yes, when you hire Northwest as your registered agent, it’s a flat rate yearly price of $125 a year. You’ll have an online account that tracks your report due dates, which states your registered in, when your yearly service with us is up, and any documents we receive locally for you are uploaded into your account immediately for complete viewing. If or when you get served with a lawsuit, we can email up to 4 people and your attorney at the same time for real time complete viewing of a lawsuit. You’ll receive annual report reminders. It’s the same price every year, and there are no weird fees or cancellation fees.

You’ll also see all the pre-populated forms and specific filing instructions on the thank you page, in your online account, and they are emailed to you immediately upon signing up for 1 year of registered agent service.

How can I file the Puerto Rico Certificate of Authority?


What is the state agency that accepts the registration?

Puerto Rico Department of State
Registry of Corporations and Entities

Who has to sign the foreign corporation filing?

Whoever is authorized to complete the filing. This may be a corporation employee, attorney, CPA, or filing service like us.

Are there any weird things about registering a foreign corporation in Puerto Rico?

The registration process is straight forward, but the Puerto Rico annual report for corporations is not something you can file on your own. You will need the assistance of a CPA in Puerto Rico each year. For this reason, if you hire us to register your corporation in Puerto Rico, we provide a free consultation with a CPA in Puerto Rico for no additional charge.

Are there ongoing Puerto Rico annual report and/or initial reporting requirements?

Annual reports in Puerto Rico are due May 1st for foreign corporations. Please see our Puerto Rico annual report page to learn more about the process of maintaining your foreign corporation in Puerto Rico.


In short, we simplify the process, provide everything you need to maintain your corporation doing business in Puerto Rico, and provide a free consultation with a CPA, whose services will be required to complete your annual report every year. Additionally, when you hire us to register your foreign Puerto Rico corporation, you gain lifetime support of our corporate guides—call anytime, and without ever having to deal with an automated operator, talk to a real person who knows what they’re talking about and can help you navigate any business maintenance issue you encounter, ever.

Also, if you sign up today, you’ll be registered to start doing business in Puerto Rico tomorrow. It’s that simple.


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