Illinois Limited Liability Company

What is an Illinois LLC?

An Illinois LLC is a limited liability company formed in the state of Illinois. The LLC is a business entity that is essentially a hybrid combining the simplicity of a partnership’s tax structure (profits are taxed as the members’ personal income) and the limited liability of a corporation without all the formalities. This combination of characteristics has made the LLC the business entity of choice for small businesses everywhere. Illinois LLCs are formed by filing Articles of Organization with the Illinois Secretary of States’ Business Services Division. LLCs in Illinois can be formed online, on the secretary of state’s website or by hiring us.

How do I form an Illinois LLC?

Simply file Articles of Organization with the Illinois Secretary of State. Forming an LLC in Illinois will cost a $150 LLC articles of organization state filing fee.

The Illinois Secretary of State will take 2 weeks to process your LLC articles of organization if you file by mail or fax. You have to have a pre-paid account to fax file in Illinois.

You can form your LLC online if you pay an additional $100 expedite fee and a $5 payment processing fee.