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Adding a New Member to Your LLC

It’s not uncommon for a business to alter its core operations in the months or years after its initial formation. Fortunately, adding a member to your LLC is a simple, straight-forward process.

What is a Member?

When it comes to limited liability companies, business owners are known as members. So, “owners” and “members” are the same thing.

How do I add a member to my LLC?

For many LLCs, member information is only including in the company’s Operating Agreement. This means that—because an operating agreement is an internal document—you most likely won’t have to file anything with the state.

However, adding a new member to your LLC will still require you to follow the terms of voting and establishing new members, as outlined in your operating agreement. If you don’t have an operating agreement for your LLC, you’ll have to follow the terms provided by your state’s default LLC statutes.

What if my LLC’s articles include member names?

Any change to your LLC that effectively changes information you included in your Articles of Organization would require you to file an Amendment with the Secretary of State, and pay the associated fee.

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