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Register a Foreign LLC in Alabama

To register a foreign LLC in Alabama, you must file an Alabama Foreign LLC Application for Registration with the Alabama Secretary of State. You can submit this document by mail or online. The Foreign Application for Registration costs $150 to file ($156 online). The following guide on registering a foreign LLC in Alabama answers the most common questions about how to file the Alabama Foreign LLC Application for Registration, but you can also sign up for our Alabama Foreign LLC service and let Northwest handle the details for you.

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Download the Alabama Foreign Limited Liability Company Application for Registration. Fill out the form and submit it to the state.

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Our free account and tools will walk you through registering your Foreign LLC in Alabama. All for free.

1 Day Foreign Alabama LLC Application for Registration

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Reserve your LLC’s name

Alabama is the only state that requires you to reserve your LLC’s name prior to filing for your certificate of authority. You reserve your LLC’s name on the Secretary of State’s website. The fee is $28. Print a copy of the reservation certificate and number.

Appoint an Alabama registered agent

Unless you physically reside in Alabama, you cannot be your own registered agent in Alabama. You can appoint a friend, relative, or employee to be your registered agent, but once you expand beyond your home state’s borders, this is the point at which many businesses hire a registered agent service.

Complete the Application for Registration

This form can be completed on paper or online on the Alabama Secretary of State’s website. It is not complex and should be a breeze once you’ve appointed your registered agent and reserved your name.

  • Name and address
    • Write down both the name your limited liability company is registered as in your home state and the name, as it was reserved, in Alabama. You’ll need to attach a copy of your name reservation certificate to the application and list the address of your business in Alabama.
  • Alabama registered agent’s name and address
  • The name of your home state
  • The date your LLC was originally formed
  • The date your LLC will begin doing business in Alabama
  • To register in Alabama, you do not need to a certificate of good standing from your home state.
Receive Alabama certificate of authority

Online filings are processed immediately.

Pay your taxes

Alabama requires that within 2.5 months of registering to do business in the state you pay the Alabama Business Privilege Tax. The AL tax is a minimum of $100. This tax will need to be paid by April 15th each year and is part of the Alabama annual report.

Foreign Alabama LLC Application for Registration

Wait, What Does Foreign Alabama LLC Mean?

A Foreign Alabama LLC doesn’t mean that it’s an LLC from a different country. It means an LLC formed in a different state is registering to do business in Alabama. Once the Foreign LLC has registered in Alabama, it will be granted a certificate of authority and can do business just like an Alabama LLC.

How Can I Withdraw My Foreign LLC From Alabama?

When you are no longer doing business in Alabama, you can withdraw a foreign LLC in Alabama. Just file a Foreign Limited Liability Company Certificate of Withdrawal and an ADOR Certificate of Compliance with the Alabama Secretary of State.

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