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Register a Foreign LLC in Puerto Rico

To register a foreign LLC in Puerto Rico, you must file a Puerto Rico Certificate of Authorization for Doing Business in Puerto Rico with the Puerto Rico Department of State. You can submit this document by mail or online. The Certificate of Authorization costs $150 to file by mail and $250 to file online. The following guide on registering a foreign LLC in Puerto Rico answers the most common questions about how to file the Puerto Rico Certificate of Authorization, but you can also sign up for our Puerto Rico Foreign LLC service and let Northwest handle the details for you.

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Download the Puerto Rico Certificate of Authorization for Doing Business in Puerto Rico. Fill out the form and submit it to the state.

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Foreign Puerto Rico LLC Certificate of Authorization

What Does It Cost to Register a Foreign LLC in Puerto Rico?

The registration fee for Foreign LLC Creation is $150 if submitted by mail and $250 if submitted online.

How Long Does It Take to Process My Application?

If you file online, your application will be processed immediately and you will receive your creation documents and a receipt at the end of the application.

What Forms Do I File With the Department of State?

You must file a Certificate of Authorization for Doing Business In Puerto Rico form with the Department of State. Along with this document, you must include either a Certificate of Existence or a Certificate of Good Standing demonstrating that your LLC exists in your home state.

The easiest way to file the Certificate of Authorization for a foreign LLC is online at the Department of State website.

What Do I Need From My Home State?

You must include a Certificate of Existence/Good Standing which you can get from your home state’s Secretary of State.

Does It Need to Be an Original Copy?

No. You will upload the document into the Puerto Rico Department of State online system.

What Information is On the Foreign Registration Filing?

  • Name, Physical Address, Email and Phone Number of the Filer
  • Physical Home State Address of Your LLC
  • Date of Incorporation in Home State
  • Physical Address, Mailing Address and Phone Number in Puerto Rico
  • Puerto Rico Resident Agent Information
  • Name, Title and Physical and Mailing Addresses of Directors/Officers
  • Dollar Amounts of Assets and Liabilities
  • Term of Expiration (Indefinite or Specific Date)

Will I Need a Registered Agent in Puerto Rico?

Yes. According to the laws of Puerto Rico, every LLC must appoint a resident agent in Puerto Rico.

How Can I Submit the Certificate of Authorization?

You can file a Certificate of Authorization online on the Department of State’s website. This is the easiest and most efficient way to submit this filing. Online filings are processed immediately.

What is the State Agency That Accepts Foreign Filings?

The Puerto Rico Department of State accepts filings for both foreign and domestic LLCs in Puerto Rico.

Who Must Sign on My Application?

An employee, LLC member, certified public accountant, attorney or paralegal may sign and submit the filing.

Is There Any Special Information Needed for My Filing?

Yes. The Puerto Rico Department of State requires that you provide the total assets and liabilities of your LLC. This is represented in total dollar amounts. For example, $50,000 in assets and $10,000 in liabilities.

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