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What is a Massachusetts registered agent?

A Massachusetts registered agent is a Massachusetts resident or business entity that maintains a physical street address in Massachusetts and accepts service of process on behalf of clients. A Massachusetts registered agent must be open during regular business hours to accept legal documents, and all documents must be forwarded to clients in a timely manner. Massachusetts state statute c156D § 5.01 defines and governs the duties of a Massachusetts registered agent.

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With Northwest Registered Agent, what you see is what you get. We offer:

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What do Massachusetts registered agents do?

Massachusetts Registered Agents accept documents on behalf of your business in Massachusetts, get them to you fast, and keep normal business hours.

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Why you need a Massachusetts registered agent:

  • The Commonwealth of Massachusetts requires all registered businesses to appoint a registered agent.
  • The Secretary of the Commonwealth (SOC) will reject your business filing if you don’t appoint a registered agent.
  • The registered agent requirement exists so the general public and SOC have a reliable way to contact your business.

Note: Some Massachusetts documents and codes refer to registered agents as resident agents—they fulfill the same duties and the names are interchangeable.

What makes Northwest different from other registered agent services?

Big data. We don’t store your credit card information. We don’t sell your data to others to make money. We don’t save your “big data” and offer it to others for a profit.

We are the only national registered agent that locally scans everything to you in real time. Your Massachusetts registered agent service is going to be your point of contact for all serious legal notices. We maintain our own registered offices in each state and when you hire us for Massachusetts registered agent service, we’ll scan everything from our office in Pittsfield, MA. And we don’t just email you a copy of your notice. Our service system utilizes the most sophisticated calendaring response and tracking system of any Massachusetts registered agent service to help make sure you, and whoever you want to be notified, you don’t just get a notice but that you’re actually looking at the documents we’ve uploaded to your account.

Choosing a registered agent is serious business. When the general public or a government official wants to know who owns your company, your registered agent is who they’ll contact. We have tough privacy policies to keep your data private. Our trained staff will not give out your information, and in-house data security professionals who stress test our own systems regularly. We also prosecute those who try to hack our system.

Collections. New clients switch to our registered agent services every day because they’re sick of their current registered agent’s billing policies. We don’t send our clients to collections. If you don’t want to pay us, don’t. We’ve never sent a client to collections. Our trademarked slogan is “We’re just not annoying,” and that’s not just a saying.

This is all we do. When you hire us for service, you’re actually hiring Northwest Registered Agent. Resident agent service isn’t a line item on a profit and loss sheet. It’s not a dividend payment to our owners. It’s not an idea we hope will work out. And we sure as heck aren’t a massive corporate conglomerate looking for every penny of profit we can grab. This isn’t just a job to us, it’s our passion.

Who needs a registered agent in Massachusetts?

Anyone who forms a Massachusetts corporation or Massachusetts LLC.

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Why Do I Need Northwest As My Registered Agent?

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State law requires all legitimate, registered businesses to appoint one.

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The secretary of state will reject your business filing if you don’t appoint a registered agent.

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A registered agent requirement gives the public and the state a reliable way to contact your business.

Why your life will be better if you hire us:

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It’s not personal, but you’ll likely struggle with your business filing. Why? Because Massachusetts business registration filings can be difficult. But we do them every day. When you hire us, as part of our Massachusetts resident agent service, we’ll instantly provide you with filing instructions, tips, order sheets, and the forms you’d need to file with any state.

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The state filing is just the beginning. When you form an LLC or corporation in Massachusetts, each year, you’ll have ongoing paperwork requirements like the annual report due the MA Corporations Division each year (Corporations file 2.5 months from the end of their fiscal year; LLCs file on their anniversary date; LLPs file on the last day of February; LPs file on their anniversary date; nonprofits file not later than Nov. 1). Now, that’s a lot to remember on your own. To help, we offer complete corporate services. You can always see upcoming report dates for every state in which we’re your registered agent. Your notices are always based off your real corporate data, the same data the state sees. And if legislative laws change and affect your business, you’ll know about it. We have the most sophisticated business compliance reminder system in our industry. Plus, we provide you with not only a reminder, but the forms you need to maintain your business already pre-populated with your information on them—all at no additional charge.

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Free tools. We don’t just send you a bill for providing registered agent service, we offer all the corporate legal forms you need to maintain your LLC, nonprofit, charity, corporation, LLP, or any other type of Massachusetts business. You need only enter your information into our system once, and that data will populate all kinds of corporate forms like annual meetings, amendments, and new business registrations in additional states.

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Just call us! We’re here to help walk you through the business filing process. When you have a question, just call. The people who answer the phones don’t read from scripts or try to sell you anything—we’re just here to help.

Do I hire a registered agent before or after I start my business in Massachusetts?

You should hire us first and then form your LLC or corporation because the Secretary of the Commonwealth’s corporations division will reject your business registration filing if you don’t. You’ll find all the forms and instructions you need to complete your filing instantly after you place an order.

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Where is Northwest’s registered office in Massachusetts?

We accept and scan all of our Massachusetts clients’ documents on-site at our registered office in Pittsfield, MA in Worcester County.

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After you accept service of process, how will you get my documents to me?

When we accept a document on behalf of your business we will scan the docs from our office in Pittsfield within minutes to your online account. We created a registered agent infographic to illustrate our document delivery system.

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Can I have my business’ mail delivered to your Massachusetts office?

  • No. We want to help if possible, but we don’t want all of your business’ mail.
  • If you don’t have a lease at our address, the postal service might not deliver your mail.
  • As your registered agent in Massachusetts, things come directly to us—Northwest Registered Agent Service Inc.—care of you.
  • If we do receive any mail for you, though, we’ll scan it to you in real time, in minutes.

Can I use the address of your Massachusetts registered office for everything on my business filing?

Please do! We’re the only national registered agent service that allows our clients to list our address for everything when you’re doing a filing to keep your private address off public records.

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What are the requirements for Massachusetts registered agents?

Whether your business is a limited liability company (LLC), C-corp, or S-corp, the state of Massachusetts requires the same from its registered agents:

  • A MA registered agent must be a state resident or a company that provides registered agent services.
  • MA resident agents need to have a physical address (no P.O. boxes) in the state of Massachusetts where they can accept legal documents (service of process) and official mail. This location is called a registered office.
  • Accept legal documents (service of process) during normal business hours.

How do Massachusetts registered agents get served?

Serving a registered agent is legal proof that you were notified. Regardless of whether you receive the documents your Massachusetts registered agent signs for on your business’ behalf, once they accept the documents, you’ve been notified. This is a serious responsibility that we do not take lightly. This is how it works:

  1. A process server, the county sheriff, or any third party will walk into our office and hand us the documents (service of process), which we sign for.
  2. The process server then gives an affidavit (a receipt of service) to the court as confirmation that they “served” us.

Note: If you’ve hired us, long before the server hands in their affidavit to the court, you’ve received your documents because we scanned them to your online account within minutes of having been served.

How do I get registered agent service in Massachusetts?


You sign up online at the top right corner of this page.


We’ll become your Massachusetts registered agent service after you make your business registration filing with the Massachusetts Secretary of the Commonwealth.


We collect the first year of the registered agent service fee up front.


About a year later, we’ll send you an invoice for another year of Massachusetts registered agent service. If you want to keep using us, great; if you don’t, you can easily cancel.


We make it easy to add registered agent services in other states.


We make your account a real go-to resource for you, not just for Massachusetts registered agent service or paying a bill, but for keeping up with Massachusetts corporate paperwork formalities like the Massachusetts Annual Report.

How do I get started?

Place an order for Massachusetts registered agent service. Access the forms you want to file. Read our instructions and filing tips. File your LLC or corporation filings with the Massachusetts Secretary of the Commonwealth. If you don’t want to make the filing yourself, place an order in your online account to have us do it for you. The Massachusetts Secretary of the Commonwealth will process your filing. We’ll be your Massachusetts registered agent.

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How to search for a Massachusetts registered agent:

  • Perform a Massachusetts business name search.
  • Type in the name of the company you’re searching for.
  • Find the registered agent’s name and registered office street address in the search results.

If you want to legally notify a business through their Massachusetts registered agent service, just send a letter through certified mail directly to the registered agent at their registered office address.

How to change your Massachusetts registered agent:

  • File a Statement of Change of Registered Agent/Registered Office form with the Massachusetts Secretary of the Commonwealth (SOC). You can file this form online, or mail, fax, or walk it in.
  • If you place an order with us, the form will be available instantly.
  • It’s a simple process, but for more info, see our change your Massachusetts registered agent page.

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