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Should I Start an LLC or Get a Business License First?

If you’re starting a limited liability company (LLC) for the first time, you might find yourself asking: “What should I... View Article

What is Net Income?

Knowing your company’s net income is important for financial statements and diagnosing the overall health of your business. However, knowing... View Article

What is Gross Income?

When starting out as a business owner, understanding gross income (also called gross profit) is crucial for tracking your profits... View Article

What Is a Business Entity?

If you’re a new business owner or are preparing to start a business, you’ve likely come across the term business... View Article

Employer Guide to CA Unemployment Insurance Tax

If you start a business in California, you’ll likely need to pay unemployment insurance (UI) taxes if you hire employees.... View Article

5 Tax Breaks for Eco-Friendly Businesses in 2023

Earth Day is an opportunity for business owners to explore sustainability and help protect the environment. So, to mark the... View Article

What Is My Business’s Legal Name?

Your business might operate under various names for marketing and branding purposes, but it has a legal name too—an official... View Article

Appointing a Friend or Relative as Registered Agent

Corporations and LLCs must designate a registered agent to receive service of process on behalf of the state. You may... View Article

Starting an LLC as an Uber or Lyft Driver

Starting an LLC (limited liability company) as a rideshare driver can grant you certain benefits, like protection against personal liability... View Article

5 Small Business Tax Tips for Procrastinators

If you’ve just started thinking about your 2023 small business taxes, you’re cutting it pretty close. The tax deadline for... View Article