We’re serious about our clients’ privacy. When you hire Northwest Registered Agent, we put our address as the point of contact on your formation documents to help protect against security breaches and data theft. We automatically protect our clients’ information, but we can easily list your addresses on public documents like every other business formation website if you’d like.registered-agent-service.html

We don’t sell your information. When going through online signup forms, you’ll often notice little check boxes for “free” offers and services. These are third parties paying that company for a lead. We have absolutely zero income from selling leads. We’ve never had “trusted partners” or sold a lead, and never will.

We will be your registered agent.We will be your registered agent. Most of our competition outsources this service. But as the official contact point of our clients’ business, we think it’s much too important a task to hand off to someone else.

We are the only national registered agent service that locally scans documents to clients in real time. That means we’ve minimized any chance of losing your documents and you’ll get any notifications we receive on your company’s behalf minutes after receipt.

Your LLC will come fully-equipped with everything you need. For no extra charge, we provide you with all the supporting documentation (operating agreement, membership certificates, resolutions, etc)  you’ll need to take to a bank to open a business checking account.

We actually like what we do. Our company is a fun mix of computer nerds, paralegals, attorneys, and business formation know-it-alls. You’ll get to talk to these weirdos. Throughout the life of your company we hope you’ll call, email or contact us however you like with questions and comments about your LLC. As weird as it sounds, we love to talk about the business entity formation process and the oddities of state bureaucracy and company maintenance.

We help clients work through awful business experiences every day. You’ve all seen the cliche mission statements and soulless about us pages. If you want to find out how we operate, you might enjoy our manifesto on how we think you shouldn’t run a business like an idiot.

So, in short (for those who are skipping around and didn’t read the big paragraphs above), we keep your information as private as possible; we’ll never sell your information to any third party; we don’t outsource our registered agent service; we scan documents from our local offices in real time within minutes of receipt; we don’t use document forwarding hubs; we don’t charge extra for the things we know you’ll need; and when you call you’ll actually talk to someone who knows what they’re talking about. That’s why we think you should hire us to form your New York LLC!

Form Your NY LLC for $425 Total!