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How to Start an LLC in Utah

To start an LLC in Utah, you must file a Certificate of Organization with the Utah Division of Corporations & Commercial Code, pay a $70 filing fee, and get an EIN from the IRS. The complete steps to forming a Utah LLC are as follows:

  1. File a Utah LLC Certificate of Formation
  2. Pay Utah’s Division of Corporations & Commercial Code $70
  3. Wait to receive your approved Certificate
  4. Get a Federal EIN tax ID for the LLC
  5. Create a Utah LLC Operating Agreement
  6. Take these documents to the bank and get a Utah LLC bank account
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How to File a Utah LLC Certificate of Organization

To form a Utah LLC, you file the LLC Certificate of Organization in the following steps:
Step 1 Choose a name for your new LLC
Step 2 Decide what address you’d like to list publicly
Step 3 Decide if you want to hire a registered agent service to minimize public disclosures
Step 4 File online and pay with a credit card, fax to 801-530-6438 with a credit card authorization, drop off at the Heber M Wells Building (160 E 300 S, 1st Floor, Salt Lake City UT 84111) with payment, or mail to the Utah Division of Corporations & Commercial Code (PO Box 146705 Salt Lake City UT 84114-6705) with a check or money order

How Long Does it Take to Start an LLC in Utah?


Fastest: 1-2 Days

Either mail your filing and pay for expediting or file online yourself. Either way, you'll have your Certificate of Organization processed in about 24-48 hours.


Almost Fastest (and some might say better): 1-2 Days

The best way (in our opinion) takes all the frustration out of the process. Hire Northwest to prepare and file your expedited Certificate. Just answer a few brief questions about your business, sit back, and let our Corporate Guides file everything correctly the first time.


Not Too Shabby: 7-14 Days

Print and mail your unexpedited filing (or hire us to do it for you). In about a week or two, the Division of Corporations & Commercial Code will process your filing.

What is the Cost of a Utah LLC?

The Utah Division of Corporations & Commercial Code charges a $70 fee to file a Certificate of Organization. For $75, the state offers expedited processing as well.

Hire Northwest and your total, out-the-door cost is $300 ($375 expedited), including state fees.

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How much does an LLC in Utah cost each year?

There’s a $20 fee to submit your Utah Annual Renewal.

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What are the Utah LLC taxes?

The Utah personal net income tax rate is a flat 5%. The state sales tax rate is 4.7%. Cities and counties can tack on local sales taxes as well, so the average total sales tax is 6.48% and reaches as high 8.6% in Moab.

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Is a Utah LLC Registered Agent Required?

Yes, you’re required to have a Utah LLC registered agent. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to hire someone. Some people try to save a few bucks and appoint themselves as their LLC’s registered agent. This strategy can backfire, however—being your own registered agent can mean giving up a big chunk of privacy and flexibility. You’d have to list the street address where you’d be available to accept legal notifications. This address becomes part of the permanent public record of your LLC—leaving you with a mailbox full of junk and unwanted visitors on your doorstep. You’d also have to actually be at the address listed during business hours. Not running errands. Not meeting with investors. Not traveling for business.

A better option? Hire a commercial registered agent like Northwest. Our address is already on file with the state (and we don’t mind sorting through spam). And, we’re in the business of being available. We are ready and waiting to accept your legal notices, and we’ll scan and send them to you the same day. Let us sit behind a desk all day so you don’t have to.

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Utah LLC Versus Utah Corporation:

State filing fees for Utah LLCs and Utah corporations are the same to form or renew. Tax obligations depend more on your tax election than which business type you choose. For example, both LLCs and corporations can choose to be taxed as S corporations, which would make their tax obligations the same.

With no significant cost differences, which one is better? It really comes down to how you want to run your business. LLCs and corporations operate a bit differently. New businesses and small business owners often go for LLCs because they’re simpler—no requirements for directors, officers, stocks, or annual meetings. Members can manage the LLC themselves, which means decisions and changes can often be made quickly. Corporations have more requirements, but they’re popular for businesses that plan to scale quickly. Considering a corporation in the Beehive State? Here’s information on starting a corporation in Utah.

EIN Graphic

Do I Need a Tax ID Number (FEIN) for a Utah LLC?

Your Utah LLC will need a federal tax ID if you want to hire employees, be taxed as an S corporation with the IRS, or file certain federal excise taxes. Plan to open a business bank account? Just about every bank will require you to have a FEIN for your new Utah LLC. FEINs are free and you can apply online through the IRS website.

Or, you can hire Northwest Registered Agent to get you a FEIN for your Utah LLC. Even if you don’t think you need it right now, it’s a good idea to get a FEIN. If it’s requested on a local business registration or tax form, then you have it. If you run into a situation where a vendor asks for it, you have it. And best of all? Using your FEIN instead of your personal social security number helps keep your personal data safe.

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Does a Utah LLC Need a Business License?

Yes, every Utah LLC needs a business license—just not from the state of Utah. Business licenses are managed on the municipal level. This means you’ll have to get a business license from the city or town where your principal office is located.

What is a Utah LLC Annual Renewal?

Your Utah LLC Annual Renewal is a form you file each year with the Utah Division of Corporations & Commercial Code. This form renews your business, confirming your ownership and contact information. (If you want to actually update your information, you’ll need to include a free Registration Information Change Form with your filing.) Forget to file? There’s a $10 late fee. No worries there though—when you sign up for services with Northwest, we’ll help you remember to file by sending you reminder notifications. Better yet, you can hire Northwest to file your Annual Renewal for you each year.

Does a Utah LLC Need an Operating Agreement?

Yes. While officers aren’t going to come knocking on your door if you don’t have an operating agreement, that’s because it’s not a public filing like your Certificate of Organization. Operating agreements are private documents—and the most essential internal documents of your LLC.

All that your state and local filings really do is help officials keep tabs on you. What does an operating agreement do? Set the terms for your business. It puts in writing who owns the business and how much each person invested. It spells out how profits and losses are allocated and what happens if there’s a dispute. It even explains what happens if (worst case scenario) the whole business falls apart.

The State of Utah isn’t concerned with the ins and outs of your business as long as you’re paying your fees and following laws. Who is concerned about your business operations? You. Members and managers. Lenders, investors and partners. Even just to open a bank account for your Utah LLC, your bank will almost certainly request your operating agreement. Anyone with $70 can start a Utah LLC. People need to know you’re serious before they choose to work with you—and your operating agreement is one of your strongest resources.

Starting a business is one of the biggest risks many people ever take, and the last thing you want to do is skip writing an operating agreement (or hurriedly rush to throw one together when you find that you need one). That’s why we give you a free operating agreement—specific to your management style—when you hire Northwest to form your Utah LLC. We give you other free forms as well: membership certificates, resolutions and more. We’ve spent years refining our forms, and we’re pretty proud—over a million LLCs have used our free LLC forms to help form and maintain their businesses. Take a look:

Utah LLC Certificate of Organization Requirements:

Company Name

Your name must include “Limited Liability Company,” “Limited Company,” or an abbreviation. Most businesses keep it simple with “LLC.”

Principal Office

This is the official street address of the the LLC. Hire Northwest as your registered agent and you can use our Utah address as your principal address.

Registered Agent

You can list a noncommercial agent (like yourself) or a commercial agent (like Northwest Registered Agent). We recommend Northwest.

Registered Office

If you have a noncommercial agent, you must list a street address where the agent will be available—and which will become a part of the permanent public record of your Utah LLC. If you have a commercial agent, just write the name. Our name is Northwest Registered Agent LLC.

Utah LLC Organizer

This is just the person filing your Certificate of Organization. It doesn’t have to be anyone in the LLC. We’ll be your organizer when you hire Northwest.

LLC Management

You can add the names and addresses of members and managers if you want, but this section is entirely optional. Any information listed here is public, so many businesses with privacy concerns opt to skip over this section.


Want to put a self-destruct timer on your business? Enter an end date in this section. If you’d prefer to continue indefinitely, skip this section. Tip: Most businesses skip this section.


This section is optional as well. While you probably started your LLC to make money, this isn’t the kind of purpose the state is looking for—they want to know what kind of business activities your business was created to engage in. You could put a general purpose stating that your LLC is organized for any lawful purpose in the State of Utah, or you could do what most businesses do and skip this part.

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