Helping to Navigate the Annoyances of Maintaining a Business

After you’ve given birth to a new business and it’s learned to walk and has become a thriving, real life actuality, you’ll need to complete a lot of little, confusing, annoying maintenance tasks along the way. Have no fear! Below you’ll find the information you need to pay your taxes, file an annual report, make amendments, register your business in a new state, and do a few other things you probably never imagined you’d need to do.

Learn About State Taxes

Find everything you need to know about state tax rates for corporations, individuals, and other business entities.

Learn About Annual Reports

They go by different names in different states: franchise taxes, biennial reports, decennial reports, annual reports, blah, blah, blah…They’re pretty much all the same thing–reports you need to file with the state to keep your business active. They’re not fun, but the information we provide is simple and easy to understand.

Register your Business in a New State

The technical term for this is foreign qualification. It’s good in that your business is expanding, but really annoying because it means you’ll have to register and pay taxes in an additional state. Learn everything you need to know about foreign qualification and state specifics in this section.

Amend your Articles

Need to make a change to you business’ formation documents? Learn how to amend your LLC’s Articles of Organization or your corporation’s Articles of Incorporation in this section that is filled with state-specific information on how to amend your articles.

Withdraw your Foreign LLC or Corporation

When you decide to stop doing business in a foreign state where you previously registered to do business, you’ll need to withdraw your LLC or corporation. Withdrawing your business can be complicated, but with our simple, state-by-state, entity-specific information, it shouldn’t take long.

Dissolve your Business

If it’s time to close up shop and shut down your business, you’ll need to know the ins and outs of dissolving your LLC or corporation. Here you’ll find specific, state-by-state instructions so you can avoid additional fees and penalties.

Revive your Business

Want to bring your business back from the dead? It’s not a zombie, it’s not a Frankenstein, it’s called a revival. Learn how to revive your LLC or corporation in any state.

Obtain a Certificate of Good Standing

Need a Certificate of Good Standing for your business? We’ll provide you with free instructions on how to obtain a Certificate of Good Standing in any state.

Obtain a Certified Copy

How to obtain certified copies of your LLC’s or corporation’s formation documents.

Apostille Certificates

State-specific information on obtaining an apostille in any state.