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LLC and Corporation Filing Specialist

Located in Spokane, WA

We are looking for someone to help us with:

Corporate filings we do for our clients. This basically includes LLC, corporation, nonprofit, lp, llp, and any type of business formation filings. We also do foreign qualifications such as registering LLCs and corporations in states other than their home states. You would do more filings in a month than any lawyer or paralegal at a regular law firm would do in their entire career.

Job is full time 40 hours a week, Monday through Friday 8 to 5. 1 hour lunch. We could come up with hours that are better for you if needed.

A little about us: We do nationwide registered agent and business filing services. We’re headquartered right here in Spokane and the job is on-site in Spokane. People come to us because they are doing a business filing and need our registered agent services to complete it with the state, or they are setting up a business and we do the paperwork for them to get the company formed or registered. We service many of the top law firms in the country fulfilling their corporate filing needs.

This position is kind of unique. Your background would be that of a title company, paralegal, legal assistant, lawyer, CPA, or anything really that deals with paperwork. BUT we need you to enjoy talking to clients, emailing with them, and not just working on legal documents. We work for a lot of lawyers so it’s always helpful for us to hire lawyers or paralegals that are used to the way lawyers talk, but we also work with a lot of end clients that don’t have any clue about business registrations and need us to talk to them in common language that makes an over-complicated business registration process easy for them. We have systems in place that streamline corporate filings. We’re not looking for someone to draft a 30 page LLC operating agreement from scratch. We are looking for someone who enjoys working with our clients, helping them get their business registered, and enjoys trying to make them happy. Part of the job is just plain customer service. Taking calls and helping to figure out what our clients need.

Our company slogan is that “We’re just not annoying” and we try very hard to not be. If you’re looking for a long term job in a very unique industry, this might be a great fit.

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