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Ruby Developer and Ruby Programmer Jobs Spokane WA

Located in Spokane, WA

Our backend system is coded in Ruby. We might be the only company in Spokane hiring Ruby Programmers, Ruby Developers, and Ruby Engineers for full time Ruby or Ruby on Rails work.

We’d prefer if you had 12 months experience, but not needed if you can demonstrate proficiency with Ruby, Git, and Unit testing.

Bonus points for these skills:

  • PostreSQL
  • JavaScript

We do some pretty amazing things with our system. We are constantly creating new features and pushing the envelope of what we think is possible to be done. We’re only limited by your skill set and how much talent you have at telling a computer what you’d like it to do.

If you like making things completely from scratch and having the fun of a startup type work environment without the stress of the company needing clients, this job might be perfect for you.

Our coders enjoy uber clean and simplified code. If you appreciate this, we sincerely hope you’ll apply and become part of our team.

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