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Software Creator Jobs in Spokane WA

Located in Spokane, WA

At Northwest Registered Agent, all the code that gets written has a direct effect on both our customers, and our support staff. In order to create an environment where both are happy, we must be able to create new applications, and extend existing ones in new ways. Ruby is fantastic to this end because it allows you to be as concise as you want and express your solution to a problem in exactly the way that you solved the problem in your head. No more struggling through weird syntax, and even weirder semantics in a language that you have to force to behave how you want. No more battling against strange side-effects, ridiculously long segments of code to do simple tasks, endless hours spent debugging non-issues that only exist because the language you are using sucks. At Northwest Registered Agent, we use Ruby, because to thrive, we need clean, concise code that we can maintain easily, and be confident in.

Whether our projects involve automation with Mechanize and Selenium, complex relations between loads of information in our MongoDB databases, or providing APIs with Sinatra that connect tons of functionality together for an awesome product, Ruby lets us do it. More than that, Ruby allows us to do it well. It’s hard to do work that you can’t be proud of, it becomes a chore that is no good for your development as a software engineer. We focus on writing code that is correct, and then making sure that it is still correct as the project evolves. We do our best to do things right, not just meet deadlines with haphazard products.

Think of the best code you’ve ever written. Not the most complicated, not the code that spans thousands of lines… Just, the code you wrote and thought “man, that’s a cool way to solve this problem.” That’s what Ruby is. There’s no banging your head against the wall, trying to think of how you can possibly make your program behave how you want. Programming in Ruby is like a continuous sensation of “wow, I can’t believe how easy that was.” Let’s be honest, that’s what you really want in a language: to express your solutions to problems exactly how YOU want, not how the language wants you to. Because we use Ruby, we can be excited about the code we write, we can look over it at the end of the day and be proud of it.

BUT…. unfortunately there’s not a lot of you out there that code in Ruby… So we’re open to someone that believes some of these principles, has dabbled in Ruby, and would like to get awesome at it. We have endless amounts of work and are looking for some talent.

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