Law on Call Business Manager

Located in Salt Lake City, UT

Law on Call, a pioneering non-lawyer owned law firm and subsidiary of Northwest Registered Agent, is on a mission to reshape the legal services industry and is searching for a Business Manager to lead the charge. Law on Call is the first non-lawyer owned law firm in the US. We are able to provide legal services in Utah, Arizona, and at the Federal level.

Being owned by a professional services company used to service millions of businesses across America at scale provides a once in a generational opportunity to blend software as a service, professional services as a service, and legal services.

The Business Manager is a visionary leader who possess a strong belief in affordable legal services. You will be responsible for spearheading the growth and expansion of legal services for clients in various states while playing a pivotal role in developing and executing business strategies and ensuring long-term success of our operations.

You won’t be starting from scratch here. We’ve been providing legal services now for a couple years. You’ll have the full support of 1000+ employees at Northwest Registered Agent and a very large engineering, legal, operations, and HR group to help bring your vision to life.

Wage: $125,000 – $150,000 depending on meeting preferred qualifications


  • Create a workplace that is inspiring that lawyers want to work at.
  • Initiate and drive the business strategy for Law on Call, taking ownership of the operation’s overall success.
  • Prioritize customer needs and experiences, ensuring that our legal products meet and exceed client expectations.
  • Lead the development, creativity and execution of comprehensive business and marketing strategies to enhance client value and ensure the success of Law on Call’s products.
  • Utilize a visionary approach to identify opportunities for growth and improvement in the service-based industry.
  • Collaborate with the team to refine and replicate successful business models in new markets, ensuring seamless expansion.


  • Passionate about affordable legal services.
  • Previous leadership experience driving successful products through strategic planning, market analysis, go-to-market and execution of business initiatives.
  • Previous experience using data-driven insights to inform and optimize marketing strategies.
  • Previous experience leading a team which fosters collaboration and innovation.
  • Lawyers are a unique bunch. You should be used to how they work and think.
  • Exceptional interpersonal & communication skills. Adept at problem solving and be results oriented.
  • Proactive and hands-on approach to achieving goals.
  • Entrepreneurial mindset with a strong drive to achieve results.
  • Preferred Qualification: Previous experience working in a service-based industry.

Why you might like this job:

We’re in uncharted territory. As the first non-lawyer owned law firm, we have a unique approach to lawyering and providing legal services. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Think about that for a second. That’s unheard of. You can sign up and talk to a lawyer in less than a half hour. That’s unheard of. You have legal work? We’re not running a law firm here where lawyers have billable hour requirements. When someone hires us, they get the entire knowledge of the business working on their legal problems. We’re a professional services company at our core that services millions of businesses. Just OK work and “here’s a bill” doesn’t stand for us. You must take pride in your work. So you have all the resources you need AND the legal framework to really do something that WILL change the way law is done nationwide in a few more decades. You can be at the very initial stage of changing how millions get access to legal services.

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