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Corporate Guide

Located in Spokane, WA

We are a nationwide corporate filing and registered agent company that is headquartered in downtown Spokane WA. This position is located in Spokane, Washington. We help law offices and entrepreneurs file paperwork to start and maintain their businesses. We have positions available for English and English/Spanish speaking candidates to answer phones and email requests made by our clients, as well as just fitting into the office and helping out wherever needed.

A typical day will be answering about 50+ inbound phone calls with quite a variety of crazy questions revolving around starting a business and maintaining a business. You might have to investigate problems with corporate paperwork and work with state agencies to figure out our client’s problems. It’s a very interesting job. Your goal is to help people navigate all this red tape and take care of our clients. If you have a legal background that will be a great foundation, but not necessary.

You will also be helping out with normal office activities, so you could consider this a general office job/client support/paralegal/do-whatever-needs-done/rocking the registered agent industry job.

Hours are full time, Monday to Friday. We could do anywhere from a 6 AM start time to an 8 AM start time.

Our company trademark is that “We’re just not annoying” and we try very hard to not be. If you’re looking for a long term job in a very unique industry, this might be a great fit for you. You can check out our blog, staff page, Facebook, G+, etc… to see if you may be a good fit.

We’re looking for someone with a great attitude, someone fun to be around, someone who can learn quickly on their own, someone willing to dig into a problem our client might be having and solve it for them, someone who pays close attention to detail, and did I mention just a good person to be around? If you have some of these qualities, that is more important to us than you already having a fundamental understanding of technical details about business entities.

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