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Legal Researcher

Located in Spokane, WA

We’re looking for legal researchers to work on the resources we provide our clients. You’ll be in charge of researching things like corporate endings for LLCs and Corporations. Which kinds of corporate endings are allowable, which aren’t, when you might need them, and we probably should mention it’s different for every state.

You’ll dig into massive depths about what it actually means to buy out a members interest in an LLC and how that actually works. How corporations and LLCs are actually capitalized and what happens if they aren’t.

You’ll be keeping up to date on state law changes regarding corporate entities.

You’ll be working with our content team and our client service reps to solve problems for our clients and write helpful guides for our clients that will make starting and maintaining their business easier and make the lives of our client service team better because they won’t have confused clients asking them the same questions every day.

Do you like corporate law but don’t really want to practice it? Maybe you like helping people but really enjoy the knowledge more than dealing with people all day long. Maybe you would take satisfaction knowing that spending weeks creating a really helpful guide for our clients explaining what an S corporation election is and that it isn’t an entity itself could help thousands of people understand some of the minute details about how business entities work.

If this is you and you love reading statutes and laws and might develop a passion for converting them into readable English for our clients, we’d love to talk.

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