LLC operating agreement formation, writing, and customization service

Northwest Registered Agent LLC., will write and draw up your LLC operating agreement for $300 according to your needs.

We will cover topics like:

  • Your certificate of formation.
  • showing proof of membership in the LLC.
  • voting rights of the LLC., initial contributions to the LLC.
  • how to add additional members.
  • how you will distribute the profits of the LLC.
  • how you will elect managers and who they will be.
  • record keeping.
  • the different power of the members and managers.
  • the rights of all parties.
  • management fees.
  • who will be designated to run the company and how they will operate.

and basics like:

  • the name of the LLC.
  • the registered office and registered agent.
  • the term of the LLC.
  • the business purpose of the LLC.
  • the place of business.
  • and what to do if someone dies.

Just choose your State on our incorporation sign up form, and we’ll form your company correctly, keep you in compliance, and get your LLC operating agreement written correctly to help you manage your new LLC.