If you need to work in a state you don’t live in, we can help obtain a foreign LLC certificate. You can look at any of the links on the side to see helpful info for foreign LLC registration in any state. You’ll see how much it will cost to register your LLC in any state, how much the annual reports will be, how much the taxes will be, if you need a certificate of good standing, or a certified copy of your articles of organization to complete the registration, how long it takes that state to process the foreign LLC registration filings, and if there are any ways to speed it up. Even if you don’t want to sign up for our $100 foreign LLC filing service, you can use the sign up form to see the exact prices that it will cost you if you do it yourself.

More than likely you’ll need a registered agent in the state you’re looking to work in. We have offices in all 51 jurisdictions and offer the most comprehensive registered agent service nationwide. We upload all documents you might receive locally, immediately on-site. Not forwarded to some national hub. Locally… This means you could receive important documents in 45 states all in one morning, and be able to look at the complete scan of the documents instantly. We’re the only registered agent with this type of commitment to speed and accuracy.

There are a few states that do not require a certificate of status, certificate of good standing, or certificate of existence to register your out of state LLC with them. You’ll find the specifics for each state in the links on the left. Once you get that document (if needed) you’ll file a foreign LLC registration form with the state.

If you would like us to do a foreign LLC filing, we charge $100 plus the $125 registered agent service, plus the state filing fees. Foreign LLC registration usually runs around $350-$450 total.

Our business is registered in all 50 states and the District of Columbia to act as your registered agent and help you get a foreign LLC certificate if needed. We do foreign LLC filings all day, and can get your company registered as quickly as possible. We don’t mark up any state fees when you use our service to register your foreign LLC. When you call, the owner or one of our in-house paralegals will answer the phone. You get real knowledge, real fast.

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