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LLC Registered Agent


The LLC or Limited Liability Company is required to maintain a registered agent.

The LLC is now the typical form of business entity many startups use.  Many of you can simply file the LLC paperwork yourself and appoint us as the LLC registered agent right on the articles of organization or certificate of organization.

Why does an LLC have to have a registered agent?  The registered agent requirement for an LLC is the same as a typical corporation.  Business entities must be able to be found at all times.  The main purpose is so that if someone wants to get a hold of you, they do not have to track you down.  They can simply look up your businesses registered agent with the Secretary of State and deliver a document to that LLC registered agent or mail a legal notice there.

Do all Limited Liability Companies have to have a registered agent?  Every LLC has to have a registered agent.  In New York, the Department of State can be your registered agent, but you still have to have a registered office county, which forces many people to have to hire a registered agent.

What does a LLC registered agent do?  As your registered agent for your limited liability company, we provide annual report reminders, resources to help you maintain your LLC, compliance calendars, LLC filing tips, an online account, and most importantly, we have an extreme notification system so you know you will instantly be able to see your documents we receive for you as your LLC registered agent

If you’re forming a new LLC, you’ll see all the LLC forms and filing instructions you need in your online account with us, immediately after you sign up for LLC registered agent service.

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