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Registered Agent Costs

What’s Included In Your Annual Registered Agent Fee?

We provide our name as your agent, and our physical office address for your documentation with the various state agencies. We act as your agent for service of process, and legal requirements of doing business in the state you wish to operate in. We do this under our own name, not someone else’s. Our physical offices are not PO boxes, fake addresses, rundown buildings, virtual offices, UPS stores, or some other weird set up. We have real office locations in every state that are staffed and open during business hours every day. We are available during normal business hours for anyone to walk into our office and serve documents to us, and to provide legal notification to you.

Here is a summary:

  • A year of registered agent service from the time you hire us.
  • Same day emailed scans of important documents.
  • No additional charge for lawsuit forwards, unless you get sued all the time. If you are used to getting sued all the time, we have the lowest per service forward fee of $15 out of any other registered agent service. Honestly, we don’t usually seek the business of big companies that get sued all the time.
  • Same price every year! Yes, your price will never go up.
  • We have no cancellation fees.
  • If you’re changing from a different registered agent service to ours, we will prepare the change of agent filing and file on your behalf, and we will even pay your change of agent filing fee.
  • We’ll look over your filing for free, before you file, to check for errors. Just email us a copy of what you’re going to file, and we’ll email you back if it looks okay or not.
  • No mail forwarding fees that you can’t get out of.
  • Our sign up form is one page.
  • You get to deal with the smallest legitimate national registered agent. That means, you’re actually hiring us as your agent in every state, and you actually get to deal with the company that’s listed as your agent.

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