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Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto announced on December 2, 2011 in a press release that a settlement agreement was reached with a company named “Registered Agent, Inc.” regarding advertisements it sent by mail to corporations in order to deceptively change registered agents.

The State of Nevada has alleged that Registered Agent, Inc., a company based in Carson City, mailed deceptive and misleading advertisements which contained official Secretary of State corporation forms. As a result corporations were misled into believing that the letters were sent by their existing registered agents. In truth, by filling out the forms and paying the requested fees, these corporations unintentionally changed their corporate registered agent to Registered Agent, Inc.

“My office is here to deter future misconduct and to help create a fair market place that simultaneously protects consumers and honest businesses,” said Masto. “This is the latest example of our ongoing effort to ensure businesses and consumers are not taken advantage of.”

You can see the full settlement agreement and press release here: Nevada Attorney General Registered Agent Inc Settlement

Registered Agent, Inc. denied all wrongdoing, liability and unlawfulness in the settlement agreement and any previous statements to the contrary in this website are retracted. However, the Attorney General’s announcement states that “…As a result of the settlement, Registered Agent, Inc. has agreed to refund all monies paid by those corporations identified by the Nevada Attorney General and to pay a $2,500 fine. In addition, Registered Agent, Inc. has agreed to include notices in a clear and distinct format indicating that the letter is a solicitation to corporations to change the corporation’s registered agent.”

In the original compliant, the State of Nevada alleged that Registered Agent Inc of Carson City Nevada:

  • Engaged in false or misleading advertising of goods or services.
  • Failed to disclose material facts in connection with the sale of goods or services.
  • Made false representations in business transactions with customers, defined as “deceptive trade practices” pursuant to NRS Chapter 598.

In the announcement the Attorney General also gave the following tips to avoid falling victim of deceptive trade:

  • Carefully read any advertisement, especially when forms are attached, to make sure that you understand with whom you are dealing and that you intend to take the action that filing the forms will cause.
  • Thoroughly review all information included in any form to assure that you are not disclosing private personal information to someone you do not know and trust.
  • A common tactic we’ve seen in all kinds of states is where a company operates under a generic name, and sends out an official looking notice that is basically an advertisement, and includes a couple actual state forms to change the registered agent.  The advertisement combined with actual state forms actually gets confused people to sign up for whatever the company is advertising and inadvertently change their registered agent away from who they have used in the past.

If you’re a client of ours, you will always have accurate report reminders from us direct and in your online account at all times. The reports at least for Nevada come to us as your registered agent and you should only access these in your online account so you know you aren’t getting confused. So we would request our clients either use your online account to file your Nevada annual list or any states reports for that matter, and if you don’t want to do that, use the following link to look up the state annual report information and file direct with the state: /state-annual-report.html

We at Northwest Registered Agent LLC provide very simple registered agent services. We don’t upsell you anything and we get clients the old fashion way, by providing great service to existing clients and hoping they refer us to others. We have no gimmicks, no games, and we try to live by our slogan: We’re just not annoying TM For your reference, we received the following examples from the Registered Agent Inc attorney of some of their solicitations. You can make your own conclusions. We have blacked out the names to keep a little privacy for the people who received these things.

Registered Agent Inc solicitation example 1

Registered Agent Inc solicitation example 2

Registered Agent Inc solicitation example 3

Disclaimer: This web page is meant as a warning to our clients to not change their registered agents accidentally, and report on a company that reached a settlement with the NV Attorney General. All information on Registered Agent Inc and the NV Attorney General is taken directly from the public information the Nevada Attorney General released.

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